Watch out: Washington State is prepping it’s own privacy law

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If GDPR and CCPA were not enough to keep track of, Washington State is on the brink of passing its own data privacy law.
“This bill is designed to give consumers some control of this kind of data by creating the right to decide what is collected, for what purpose it can be used, who can use it, and when it must be deleted,” said Rep. Shelley Kloba, the House bill’s sponsor, in a statement. “I am pleased that this legislation is advancing so that we can continue to work with our colleagues in the Senate to build consensus on which companies these laws will apply to as well as mechanisms for consumers to enforce their rights.”

Unless you are a lawyer or consultant, this news should be concerning. How can app or website owners be expected to keep up with the ever-changing US and international privacy law stampede?

The law does not currently have a cool acronym name like their California and European cousins, but I suggest WPPA (pronounced WuPPA) for Washington Personal Privacy Act).