Podcast Alert! Listen to Rownd featured on the Product Talk podcast

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Rownd featured on the Product Talk podcast

This week our co-founder, Rachel, was featured in the Product Talk podcast.

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Summary: How does UX design influence security and trust in tech? In this podcast, join Rownd Co-Founder and Lead Designer Rachel Radulovich as she takes us through her journey from graphic design to the tech world. With a background in blockchain and digital identity products at IBM, Rachel discusses Rownd’s mission to streamline user authentication without passwords. Discover how UX design plays a pivotal role in making privacy and security accessible, building trust, and enhancing user confidence in signing in and signing up for products. Gain insights into Rownd’s agile product planning, the challenge of balancing design in a fast-paced startup environment, and the rising trend of no-code/low-code solutions.

Give it a listen and let us know what you think!