The Consumer Experience

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The consumer experience is evolving every single day. Customers are demanding not only products, but also experiences that connect them to your company.

Companies are trying to personalize the experience while at the same time, consumers are generally becoming more cautious about sharing their personal information. They are realizing that they have little control over how the company is using their information. Personalization is an effective marketing strategy, but the feeling that a brand is following you around online is a disconcerting one. The negative response from consumers has prompted some response from the tech industry.

Google has announced that it will stop the use of third-party cookies and it will fall in line with Apple and Mozilla, which have already ditched the tracking technology from Safari and Firefox. Apple has also introduced a privacy feature called App Tracking Transparency to iOS 14.5, the mobile operating system used by its latest iPhones.

Taking a Tailored Approach

So how do companies get the balance right? Developing customer experience strategies that don’t rely on third-party cookies will show that you’ve listened to consumers’ concerns and it’s also the best way to show transparency within your business.

Using the information that your consumers already provide you wisely and being transparent about requests for further customer data should be the cornerstone of an approach to personalization. While there isn’t an exact amount for how much material visitors are willing to hand over, the general feel is that they’d prefer not to share overly personal data. Rather, they want to know more about what is being collected from them and how it’s being used.

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