Introducing Privacy Hunt!

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While I was looking for a data request form from a favorite fast food restaurant, I discovered how complex it was to find. The rest of their website and app are beautiful, yet their data privacy policies and “do not sell my data” forms were buried. Data Privacy is a fundamental right, it should not be 8,000 words long and require a map to find 🕵️.

Large companies have weaponized their UX/UI to hide and obscure their privacy practices, and this is fundamentally wrong. 🤔 What is a data-request form you may ask? 🧐 Under serval regulations (CCPA and GDPR) and just good customer service, companies must let you know what data is being collected on you, why it is being used, and you have a right to delete the data (or ask it not be sold to a 3rd party).

So, we created Privacy Hunt as a side project. When we had a few minutes, we would “hunt” for a data request form. A precious few organizations were upfront with the forms, others hid it 10 clicks in! But when I found a form (or a different method for contact, if they did not have a simple form), I jotted it down. Since then it has evolved into a simple, free, crowd-sourced repository to reduce that to 1 click! 😁. It is VERY simple, but that is on purpose.

🎯 Go to Privacy Hunt (

🎯 Search for the organization or brand that you want to request data from

🎯 Click on the link and reclaim YOUR data

Learn more in this awesome video: