Gobble Gobble – Rownd Thanksgiving Newsletter

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Hey Rownd Supporter,

Thanksgiving is an opportunity to find reasons to be thankful and that is never more needed than the crazy year 2020 has been.  I am thankful for my family, for our health, for the amazing team here at Rownd, and, of course, your each and very one of you reading this: our stakeholders, supporters, and soon to be customers.  

We have some exciting news:  WE ARE LAUNCHING!  For real! It has been a long road with a lot of pauses, double-backs, and a lot of work on Beta feedback, but we are going live here the first week of December 2020!!!  We want 2020 to end with a data privacy bang!  So, get excited!  I will let you know when we are live!  

2020 has been a year… elections, recessions, and infections will cause this year to go down as one of the riskiest years for startups and small businesses in the history of the United States.  Millions of SMBs are gone forever. Thousands of tech startups disappeared.   We at Rownd slowed down a bit, really focused on our WHY, and continued to talk and get feedback as we pushed through the roughest that 2020 could push at us.  And now we are sitting here on the brink of a vaccine, with money still in the bank, runway in front of us, and a data privacy solution that is not like anything the world has seen.  2020 made us lean and businesses that survive recessions thrive during the recovery.   It has been a long, difficult year, but because of you, our supporters, we got through it!  Thank you!  

Some good reading while you recover from too much turkey: 

Some of you have asked, why did you start Rownd?  Here is my blog article describing WHY I dedicated my life to data privacy.  Caution: there is a very cute picture of my daughter in the article! 

We had a guest writer from the Tuck School of Business write an article for us around the “3 things you need to know about data privacy“.  Right now, Rownd has four “Tuckies” helping with our G2M strategy and our launch!  Very excited to have them as a part of the team.  

A good article about the next 20 years of software: The rise of the user

And finally, from our Chief Privacy Officer, Ian, a piece of advice to protect your identity and applications with a great password manager.  

No matter how you celebrate Thanksgiving this year, socially-distanced, virtual, or in-person, please be safe and thank you for supporting us in 2020!  

Rob Thelen

CEO, Rownd