Get ready for CCPA v2!

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New CCPA is coming

California’s citizens voted for an even more powerful and comprehensive set of data privacy laws and regulations Get ready!

The CCPR adds teeth to many of the rules that already existed in the CCPA by beefing up existing rules, setting some pretty tough new regulations, especially around what is defined as “sensitive information” and companies that violate children’s data protection requirements. Perhaps, most importantly, it creates a new state agency, backed by the Attorney General, with real power to enforce them and to levy hefty fines on violators.

Under the CPRA, consumers will be able to correct inaccurate personal information that businesses have about them as well as opt out of a business’s sale of sensitive personal information-even  opt out of the mere use of sensitive personal information even if it’s not sold.  This moves rule moves CPRA close to the EU notion of “the right to be forgotten.  

Karen Schuler

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