A model for data ownership and sharing in a Pandemic

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UC San Diego researchers are working to Identify the bio-markers of COVID-19 infection that precede even the symptoms. They have partnered with Oura, a biometric ring manufacturer that tracks sleep, fitness, and a wide range of health measurements.

The study is providing 1,000 Oura rings to healthcare providers to collect and report their measurements in addition to surveys. Oura also invited existing owners of the ring to join the study to provide additional data.

As an owner of an Oura ring I found the invitation and the process to provide my consent to share my data with UCSD simple and inspiring of confidence.

This is a noble purpose for requesting and sharing personal data, and doing so in a way that recognizes and respects the ownership, privacy and security of the data owner is an extremely heartening sign.

Imagine this kind of respect offered to all of the data, all owners should rightfully possess. Imagine being a business able to invite patrons, customers, and users to share the data they own in a similarly respectful and delightful way. Being able to guarantee the ownership, privacy and security that your customers deserve.

That capability is what we are building at ROWND. Join us!