Starbucks Data Privacy Policy Review

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Starbucks has become easily one of the most recognized cups of coffee across the globe. From popularizing the Frappuccino to flaunting a “secret menu”, Starbucks is a fan favorite for many. Something you may be less familiar with, though, is their privacy policy. Let’s dive in!

Starbucks starts out by stating that you can “make requests or submit inquiries to us about your information”. This is amazing because it promotes transparency on their part. They also have small clauses throughout their policy that state “with your consent”. They explain the ways you can revoke consent to your information.

They even have a section in their policy called “Your Choices”. They empower you as a user in this section to take control of your preferences and settings. 

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I got to section 10. It says that Starbucks believes in putting you in control of your personal information. This is the type of language we like to see in a privacy policy. On the other hand, it later states that they are “unable to completely delete an account from our internal records”. I don’t like this because it means that they are holding on to at least some information past the termination of your relationship with them, if it shall end.

All in all, this is the best privacy policy I have reviewed so far. I felt like I could control my information if I wanted to and I could manage my preferences without much difficulty. Revoking consent to your data is one of the biggest things I look for in a policy and this one definitely checks all the boxes. 

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