Rownd + Airtable: Add data privacy and consent management to your Airtable backend

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Airtable is taking the world by storm. Never has there been a simpler and easier way to create a visual database. By combining the power of Google sheets with the flexibility of a SQL database, Airtable makes it easy to create powerful databases that no-coders can interact with. It is so simple that it is very easy to add a huge amount of personal data to a base. And that is a huge problem. Personal data has special “radioactive” properties and even in a vacuum, it can cause problems. So, we are excited to introduce the Rownd Airtable integration.

Rownd + Airtable = Privacy

When personal data is collected or stored in Airtable, it should still be claimable and controlled by the end-user. In minutes, anyone can add data privacy to their Airtable bases. One of the most powerful use-cases is with Team America Relief giving Afghan refugees control over their data. Thousands of Afghans trying to flee their country submitted data to Team America for help and Team America trusted Rownd to ensure those Afghans had complete control over their data.

Add data privacy in 3 easy steps!

  1. Create a Rownd account
  2. Copy the Airtable API Key
  3. Map accounts IN ROWND.

Check out our documentation and give it a spin yourself!

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