Amazon Mishandling Customer Data

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An article recently surfaced about Amazon mishandling customer data back in 2018. The article states that, “according to internal documents from the Center for Investigative Reporting and WIRED, Amazon’s vast empire of customer data—its metastasizing record of what you search for, what you buy, what shows you watch, what pills you take, what you say to Alexa, and who’s at your front door—had become so sprawling, fragmented, and promiscuously handled within the company that the security division couldn’t even map all of it, much less adequately defend its borders.”

Around the same time in September of 2018, Andrew DeVore, a representative of Amazon, came before Congress in a trial regarding the safekeeping and privacy of customer data. He made clear that what Amazon needed most from lawmakers was minimal interference. Consumer trust was already Amazon’s highest priority, and a commitment to privacy and data security was sewn into everything the company did.

The importance of privacy and consumer trust

It’s obvious that what DeVore stated in trial was not indeed the case. What may seem good to go on the outside may not actually be that way internally and this is a prime example of that. Consumer trust is slowly chipped away as companies continue to mismanage and poorly handle data.

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