Cost Center to Growth Driver

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An article written by Chitra Iyer outlines the three major things consumers are experiencing when it comes to data privacy and authentication.

(1) Customers are very concerned about how brands use their data online.

(2) Customers expect companies to know them and serve up the most relevant and timely experiences (which of course needs customer data).

(3) Despite their concerns about data privacy, customer actions online don’t always reflect those concerns. Most customers still impatiently agree to their data being collected and used in ways that they don’t fully understand, only because they want to complete their purpose on the site as quickly as possible.

So how are we able to turn this information around and use this to our advantage as businesses that while remaining compliant must still please our end user? Well, a few things Iyer suggests are:

  • Building a More Diverse and Safer Data Ecosystem 
  • Training Business Stakeholders to Understand Privacy
  • Making Privacy Experience (PX) a Key Element of Customer Experience (CX) 
  • Building for the Future

What do you think? Here at Rownd, we believe in radically simple, user-centric authentication that begins the moment a visitor hits your website—all with data privacy built into its core. Are you interested in learning more? Visit us at for more information.