Product launch: Introducing the auth snippet

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At Rownd, we often talk about how the world of authentication is fundamentally broken. The biggest problem is the transition between marketing-focused pages (landing pages, blogs, etc) and web/mobile apps. These transitions have a lot of friction and lead to a lot of user drop-off. Why? Because authentication typically happens in one place: the entry point of the actual product or app. Current solutions force you down this path.

But no longer.

Rownd makes adding authentication to any website a breeze. Whether you work in Webflow, WordPress, an HTML editor, or all of the above, you can add simple, user-friendly authentication in minutes. If you use a Jamstack provider like Netlify or Cloudflare, you can get up and running even faster!

We’re launching the Rownd code snippet. Just copy and paste it into your site’s HTML or “custom scripts” field and start authenticating users instantly. Done! Have a web app? Within a few minutes, you can seamlessly link them all together, keeping users signed in no matter where they are.

Learn more in the Rownd docs or the video below! Grab some time with us to learn more or try it for yourself!

Take a look at the video below where Matt, our CTO, shows how to add Rownd to your site.