You owe your employees protection too, not just customers

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Your Employees Deserve Better Data Privacy!

The COVID-19 pandemic has expanded the definition of responsibility for many employers. Increased needs for sick time, enablement to work from home and in some cases enhanced physical health protections.

Many companies are already considering how they might better protect employee’s health as the economy re-opens. The Wall Street Journal recently reported on many firms considering changes ranging from the basics like promoting physical distancing, reducing open plan offices and encouraging mask use to extreme changes like surveillance and data driven behavior enforcement.

Technology can empower employers to monitor the temperatures of employees, their coming and going in buildings, the amount of time they spend in vicinity of co workers, or in the cafeteria, or in the bathroom. While there are obviously uses that may enhance the safety of workers, there is also an extremely important balance to be struck.

You owe your employees ownership, privacy, and security protections of their own personal data in addition to protection of their health. Collecting data merely because it may become useful, and failing to protect it has already led to dozens of breaches with millions of privacy violations associated. This environment will only increase that risk.

If you can put your employees in the drivers’ seat, give them the ownership of their data that reflects a modern view of data rights, you can encourage them to share the relevant data you need to protect them, your customers and their co workers. You can do this all while still protecting their health from COVID-19 with easy ownership security and privacy tools that they can manage themselves. With what we’re building at ROWND protecting your customers and employees will be stronger, easier and more secure.