What Is Data Privacy and Why Is It Important?

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Data Privacy has been important to both individuals and companies for decades. In fact, this is why we have placed locks on P.O. boxes, file cabinets and doors. But now that our world is turning digital, it is of even greater importance to protect Data Privacy.

So then what is Data Privacy? 

It is the manner in which a specific piece of information is handled based on its level of importance. This information can range from something as specific and sensitive as your Social Security number to something as basic as your name and address. We typically think of this type of information as personally identifiable information (PII) or personal health information (PHI). With Data Privacy, we are concerned with the way in which this information should be collected, stored, managed and shared. Read more about data privacy here

Why is Data Privacy Important?

Ensuring that data doesn’t fall into the wrong hands is one of the biggest reasons for Data Privacy. If your personal information is breached, you could be used as a pawn for identity theft. If proprietary data is at risk, a competitor could benefit from your hard work. Protecting this important information can reduce the breach risk of a company and protect clientele privacy. In doing this, a company can maintain its brand value and integrity, giving the business a competitive edge over the competition.  

“If you put a key under the mat for the cops, a burglar can find it, too.”

Tim Cook

It is our responsibility to protect the information of individuals that place their trust in us. The information that people choose to share with us is just one layer of data that companies can use.  We will be teaching on the different types of data and how they are collected in our next training modules. Stay tuned!

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