What Does Google Know About You?

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Search Bar

The large majority of the internet world utilizes Google and its’ search function. Every single search is recorded and Google is using that information to learn more about you.

This little search bar has proven to be extremely useful for the user, but has also become an asset for Google. Google builds these large profiles for each user based on their search history and browsing history in other Google owned sites like YouTube. This is a perfect example of derived data.

Google builds a whole advertising profile off of this information and then targets you with advertisements that best fit your assumed demographic. When you click this link, you are able to access the list of categories that Google has assumed about you. It guesses anything from age to marital status and personal interests. Google even gives you the ability to go in and correct anything that they may have guessed incorrectly.

You are able to go in and turn off “Ad Personalization” as well, but why does it default to being turned on? Did you actually read the fine print when making your Google account? This was a bit of a wake up call for me.

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