US State Privacy Legislation

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As some of us know, CCPA was passed in 2018 and started a larger conversation about privacy legislation. Since this initial law came into effect, both Colorado and Virginia have followed suit. This brings up the question, “what about the rest of the 47 states?”

In many states, the idea has at least been introduced, but 17 states still have not done anything. These laws are giving teeth to privacy policies and protecting everyday people. In an IAPP article, they say, “although many of the bills included in the table will fail to become law, comparing the key provisions in each bill can be helpful in understanding how privacy is developing in the United States. Bills that are voted down or die in committee will not be immediately removed because their inclusion helps illustrate how states are thinking about privacy.”

We shouldn’t have to look at a privacy policy and see that only California, Colorado and Virginia residents are protected at a higher level. We all should feel like our data is protected when we choose to share it.

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