The Login Experience

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The login experience has gotten more and more complicated over the years and every website has their own way to do it. When logging into a new website, we are presented with options to sign in with Google, Facebook and other platforms that make the login experience apparently more seamless. But what about using actual login information and what does that mean for your privacy?

When making a return trip to a website, I typically stare blankly at the login screen and questions begin filling my mind. Did I use my email address as the username or do I have a separate username? Which password did I use for this username on this website? Maybe I can reset my password, but that will force me to log in to my email, which I also don’t remember the password to. Is there a way to make this more simple?

With the up and coming Web3, a more decentralized approach to account management may be the way forward. As a user, continuing to make a new account for every website I login to cannot possibly be the answer in the year 2022. And even if it was, saving my usernames and passwords in a browser cannot possibly be very secure in the long run.

Our goal here at Rownd is to start creating a single user account across any website, blog, or app. The old process of creating a new account for every app and website is risky, costly, and time consuming. We protect each customer’s personal information and enable you to access their data securely.

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