The “how” to a crucial “why”

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Andrew Yang is fond of saying clearly that the best way to counterbalance the extremes of the tech giants is to respect individual data as a property right.

There’s a wonderful why to it- that we should all believe in a world where every individual owns their own data. That we can all share in the value we have created in the modern economy. That we can all enjoy true Data ownership, security, and privacy.

It begs a question of how can this be done? Yang talks about a Value Added Tax on every transaction to fund a Freedom Dividend – which could help recognize some of that value But hwere at Rownd we believe we can take it farther!

We believe in a world where every individual is able to see, and edit, and delete their own data. In a world where a small or medium business doesn’t need to take on the onerous burden of owning the liability of minute personal data on every single customer. We believe we can offer a better way – through Data-Ownership as a Service. With strong encryption on an individual basis and a delightful user experience, we plan to offer a method to truly empower individuals.

Stay tuned to learn how!