The citizen’s data portal – secured by ROWND

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In the future citizen will be able to securely log into a central portal on their smartphones or home computers.

Former presidential candidate and entrepreneur Andrew Yang recently shared this vision in a tweet.

This portal will display all the information and data they have provided that their government retains about them. Birth certificates, immunization records, school enrollments, graduations, home purchases, medicaid or medicare coverage, tax returns, marriage certificates, next of kin information, census demographic information, veteran status and related records. All of these records already exist. The government keeps them already, but it does so in an opaque and haphazard manner. If a county courthouse burns down, if a bureaucrat leaves with a key to a filing cabinet, or if its just too hard to research there are times when citizens cannot recover this information, this data that they rightfully own, data the citizens should be choosing to share or not share with various governmental organizations, and some non governmental organizations requesting access to them.

What about criminal information? Parking tickets, warrants for crimes, judgments and adjudications? Anyone who has ever gotten a speeding ticket knows these are already public but obscure information from the inundation of lawyers letters offering representation. It is only just that citizens be advised of the records kept of them even when they involve state actions of law enforcement. There could be exceptions to this, such as when secret investigations are made or FISA surveillance undertaken, but then upon charges being filed and discovery granted the data could be made available.

ROWND is building toward the system that could allow this to happen. Where all citizens can Really OWN their Data. Until we get to the world where all citizens can have this from the government, imagine how much your customers would love to have these options for your business!