Super Bowl Week: Big Tech Wars

It’s Super Bowl Week! This year will be a very different Super Bowl (thank you COVID-19). The game will have fewer fans than usual, but our televisions will still be on! There are a lot of companies out there that love to advertise for the Super Bowl. Google and Amazon have major ties with the NFL, and we believe it is time to put these two tech giants against each other. Which company cares more about your private data? Let’s start the war!

Round 1: Steps to Request Data

Round 2: Method of Request

Round 3: Complexity of Privacy Page

This all looks very complicated….
A much shorter Privacy Page, but dear God…. that URL is larger than Mahomes’ contract!

Round 4: Cookie Controls

Round 5: Overall Privacy Page Appearance

One of the cleanest Privacy Pages! The navigation tool near the side never moves!
This page layout is messy and painful, just like watching Tom Brady kiss his kids.

Final Score

Amazon survives the first Super Bowl Week War! Amazon has a nice Data Request Form for all users and they have a much shorter Privacy Policy. Their Privacy Policy Page needs a major upgrade though, maybe they can order a new one on Amazon Prime?

Stay tune for tomorrow’s battle… Brew Wars! Please read responsibly!

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