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We believe people should Really Own Their Data. It’s time to take action to start that today!

There are lots of choices out there and its easy to get overwhelmed, over-analyze and just not start. This is my effort to help solve that tyranny of choice for you, get you started and reflect on what I’m grateful for all at once. These are mostly in combined order of both importance to adopt and easiness and expense to get going.

Meditation: Become more secure and self-owning of your own mind. Try Waking Up. Free Trial Linked!

Password Manager: Use a unique strong password for every single site, encrypt and section off each part of your life a piece at a time, easy, fast and free(mium). Try LastPass.

Access your PaswordManager with a Passphrase using dice learn about that & more here from the electronic frontier foundation Basics.

Payments provider: One that gives you a unique credit card number with spending caps you choose for each site protecting you from breaches and theft. Try

Browser: Use one that’s fast and not spying on you. Ideally with adblock and tracking resistance. Try Brave.

Messenger: Use end to end strong encryption that doesn’t harvest metadata. Try Signal.

E-Mail: Use end to end encrypted email where you can own your emails. Try ProtonMail.

Maps: Use maps that don’t track your every move. Try Apple Maps.

Audio Countermeasures: Cover up your webcam? Shouldn’t you be more concerned about audio surveillance that goes in all directions than video that only goes in one? Try MicLock.

Audio to text transcription: Use a service that is single purpose and you can delete recordings from. Caveat: the privacy policy on this could be a bit better, also be sure to ask consent for recordings! Try

Hardware + Operating system: Use one with both made by the same company. Try Apple.

Surprised I didn’t suggest solutions for storing your own data or capturing that of folks on your website? We’re working on building that. We believe people should Really Own Their Data.

Disclosure: some of these are referral links that give me credit to use in the product. I would recommend them even without any referral incentive. – That is if you don’t want me to get referral please just search for it and use it on its own!!