Richard Hendricks is our Hero

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No but seriously, in this season’s premier you have to admit the character from HBOs Silicon Valley did give an inspiring speech.

Richard outlined how it is too late. How the tech giants have already won. They vie for who will hold the crown of a 1 Trillion dollar market capitalization. Please let that sink in. Or if it’s hard as it often is for me, imagine making a dollar every second. You would have a Million a little past 11 Days. You would reach a Billion after a brief 31ish years. A Trillion? Just hang out for a little over 31,000 years and you’ll be there.

How did they get so big? With our data, we the people. Richard outlined the analogy of a kingship and the need for founding a new world independent of these giants. We find that a well considered analogy. Kings didn’t rule over thousands of subjects by any real measure of merit or right. They combined violence, deception, manipulation and fortune into their leverage of power over the common people. Take out the violence and the Kings of our digital world are running the same playbook. Passing out bread and circuses to entertain the masses, distracting us with disagreements with each other to keep our minds away from revolution. Here’s the revolutionary fact: the world as it is is not how it has to be. To have the services we enjoy we do NEED to hand over ownership of all of our data to a handful of massive corporations.

We can build a future where every individual can Really OWN their Data. And we commit to you that the team at ROWND will be in that revolution against any digital Kings.