Revocable Consent

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Revocable consent is the right for a user to revoke access to a piece of personal information at any time. We run into it time and time again where websites and companies aren’t actually allowing us to rescind our data when we feel like it. There is always some sort of “30 day” clause or fine print that we happen to miss when we accept the terms and conditions.

Why do we live in a world where others utilize our data as an asset and don’t allow us to revoke our consent to our own information? What if I don’t want that dental office to have my email anymore? What if the autobody shop in my hometown no longer requires my phone number to perform a service and I want to remove it from their database?

Demanding More

As consumers of any service or product, we should be able to remove our information from a database whenever we see fit. Some companies are moving towards this, but most companies can do much better. When businesses are clear and transparent about how they handle your data, it actually makes us more likely to trust them more. The easier it is for a customer to revoke access, the more data they will share.

We need to move away from the mindset that if we share our data once, it’s just lost in the ether and we can’t get it back. Let’s hold companies accountable and demand transparency and data privacy rights! I implore you to find businesses that you no longer do business with and ask them to remove your data. Is it difficult? Did they make the process complicated? Why does it have to be so hard?

Here at Rownd, we demand better. Let Rownd bring revocable consent wherever personal data is stored. Our privacy engine connects to existing databases and data stores (like Mailchimp and Firebase), providing a simple interface. Now, you can implement an empowering data privacy experience in minutes instead of hours. Learn more at