Product Launch: SMS authentication

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Authentication should take whatever form is convenient for the end-user. If they are on their laptop, email makes sense. If they are on the phone, SMS authentication is probably a better choice. Rownd makes it easy to allow the user to decide which mechanism makes the most sense for them.

We love solving challenging problems. It’s difficult to build dynamic authentication that spans devices and verification methods. The same person might be using a laptop, mobile browser, and a mobile app and their experience should be seamless.

Because SMS open rates are 5-10x higher than email, enabling visitors to use SMS means you can send updates to them with a much higher probability that they will interact. Coupled with Rownd’s login links, you’ll have a world-class re-engagement system that is up and running in minutes.

With our simple Javascript code snippet, you can add SMS verification and sign-up to a website in minutes. There’s no better way to get high-quality leads and frictionlessly transition users to your app. Learn more in the Rownd docs. Grab some time here to learn more or try it out for yourself!