Privacy Wars Presents: The Cola Wars, Part 2!

This is an ongoing series presented by Rownd. See which brands focus on personal data privacy and which one’s don’t care. This week is focused on a bitter (or sweet) rivalry over a century in the making.

The debate of the century; which soda is better? Is it Pepsi or Coke? Everyone has different taste preferences when it comes to these two soda brands. Today, we will settle a different debate. Which drink is bubbly with Privacy Requests, and which one falls flat. Crack open your favorite soft-drink and let’s dive in, shall we?

Round 1: Steps to Request Data

Round 2: Method of Request

Round 3: Complexity of Privacy Page

Not always a good sign when your URL and page aren’t secured with your browser….
Coke has a longer Privacy Policy, but it goes more in-depth and is easier to read. What is up with that #?

Round 4: Cookie Controls

Round 5: Overall Privacy Page Appearance

This is the ugliest Privacy Policy page that Privacy Wars has ever seen so far…. Good Grief!
A very clean Privacy Policy page with navigation tools and attractive font! Good job Coke!

Final Score

Pepsi had a shorter Private Policy, but it wasn’t enough to win the Soda Wars! Coke had such a clean Private Policy page and a Data Request Form that was available for ALL consumers. Pepsi took Data Privacy as a way to be compliant with the new laws. Coke made it accessible for everyone to request their private data and to delete it or review it. Next time you open an ice-cold Coke bottle, remember that you can request data from them at any time. Taste the Data Privacy!

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