Privacy Wars Presents: Civil Rights Week

Happy Martin Luther Jr. week! This week is a special matchup between two amazing organizations that continue MLK’s fight for social justice and equality. We have the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) and the ACLU. Organizations like the SPLC and ACLU give our country some light, and optimism for MLK’s dream to FINALLY come true.

Round 1: Steps to Request Data

Round 2: Method of Request

Round 3: Complexity of Privacy Page

A solid URL but a very long Privacy Policy…. At least the site is super organized and clean!
I feel like the URL is longer than the actual Privacy Policy!

Round 4: Cookie Controls

Granted, ACLU only asks for information for donations and membership. SPLC’s data is viewed and stored by their Hosting Service.

Round 5: Overall Privacy Page Appearance

A little too lengthy, but it does state where to find the Data Request Form!
A very short Privacy Policy that also gives you a navigation bar and tips for data privacy!

Final Score

For the first time… It is a tie! The SPLC and ACLU are incredible organizations that strive for equality and social justice. It feels wrong to put one organization over the other when they both do so much for social justice. Both organizations allow you to get your data requests, and they both strive to fight for the people who need it the most! Please donate to the SPLC or ACLU down below to help our country strive for justice for ALL!

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