Privacy Wars: College Football Championship

College Football Championship Edition

The 2021 NCAA National Championship is set! No.1 Alabama is taking on No.3 Ohio State! We know that both schools will give us a great game to watch, but which school will make it easier for us to track and request our personal data? Let’s find out in the first-ever College Football Privacy Wars Championship! 

Round 1: Steps to Request Data (25%)

Having the request link at the bottom of the website is worth a, “ROLLTIDE!”

Round 2: Method of Request (25%)

Alabama surprises their consumers and students with a nice link to their forms at the bottom of their website! The Buckeyes force you to find their email link for a GDPR Request only… Bama gets 3 points, while OSU gets a big 0.

Round 3: Complexity of Privacy Policy (25%)

Alabama’s Privacy Policy

Great URL! Too bad the Privacy Policy is a little lengthy….

Ohio State’s Private Policy

A shorter and more concise Privacy Policy is a great way to win the Readability Section, but why have the IT department domain be a visible part of your Privacy Page URL?

Ohio State finally gets on the board with a nice Round 3 victory!

Round 4: Cookie Controls (10%)

Alabama and Ohio State get to take a nice L in this round together! Neither school has any Cookie Controls, and therefore; are Secret Watchers……

Round 5: Overall Privacy Page Appearance (15%)

Alabama may have a longer Privacy Policy, but their Privacy Page design makes up for the length. Nice to see a sidebar navigator! Feel free to check both pages out!
Not a terrible design, but the lack of navigation tools and the addition of an extra window (.it) makes Ohio State’s Privacy Page look like… well a Buckeye.

Final Score

Even with Ohio State’s shorter Privacy Policy… Alabama takes home the first-ever Privacy Wars College Football Championship! Alabama seems like they want their users to get their data quickly with their request link at the bottom of their homepage! It looks like Alabama is unstoppable on the field and with data privacy. Ohio State may need Rownd’s assistance.

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