How Data is Collected: Derived Data

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Derived data is the fourth and final level within the four levels of data. This type of data is based on all three levels of data previously mentioned. Derived data can glean insights from how frequently you login to a social media platform in a certain geographical location to the type of content you publish on the internet. As the user, you have little to no control over this derived data.

Derived data: the information which is inferred about the user based on input data, metadata and observed data (e.g., preferences, behavior patterns, hundreds of insights about the individual, etc.) 

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We tend to see ads for products we left in our Amazon shopping cart on our Facebook homepage or an ad for a glasses company on Instagram that we looked up on Google. How can this be? The answer is derived data. These sites are watching your trends and behaviors to target you in their marketing campaigns. They even use your age group and gender (input data) to target you further. This may make you think twice when you share your data in the future!

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