Data Regulations are here

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It has been a great year to be a consultant or lawyer. Why? Because the number of data privacy laws across the planet has ballooned! According to the UN Conference on Trade and Development, over 75% of countries have either a data law or data legislation pending (107 in place with 40+ pending).

Think about that for a second, that is over 107 different laws, with different interpretations of what kinds of data and how it is regulated that a modern app or website needs to navigate! That is crazy!

Check out this handbook of different data privacy laws from DLA Piper.

From DLA Piper:

We continue to witness a period of unprecedented activity in the development of data protection regulation around the world which will have a profound impact on the way in which global businesses are required to approach the collection and management of personal information.

These changes are being driven largely by cultural and trade considerations and by a struggle to keep pace with emerging technology and online business methods.

2020 has even more changes in store, from the new Data Laws in California (now you have to keep track of laws at a state level!) to India’s first Data Law coming into enforcement.

We at Rownd believe that if you treat your customer’s data as their property, you can navigate these laws with ease. We are building a SaaS solution that elevates personal data and gives your customers the power they deserve to control what is theirs.