Data Privacy vs. Data Protection

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Recently, 12 Tech Experts gathered to discuss the difference between Data Privacy and Data Protection. These experts established that anyone who handles or shares data should know what each term means. To the average person, these two concepts may be one in the same, but when it really comes down to it, they are entirely different concepts.

1. Data Privacy Varies Based On Region And Industry; Data Protection Varies Based On Nature Of Risk

2. Data Privacy Is Controlled By Processes; Data Protection Is Controlled By Tools 

3. Data Privacy Is A ‘Must’; Data Protection Is A ‘Should’

4. Data Privacy Is Closing A Door; Data Protection Is Adding A Lock

5. Data Privacy Addresses Compliance; Data Protection Addresses Controls

6. Data Privacy Means Collecting Only The Information You Need; Data Security Means Protecting It 

7. Data Protection Is Ensuring Data Is Safe From Attack; Data Privacy Protects The Information Inside The Data

8. Data Protection Breaches Affect Companies; Data Privacy Breaches Affect Companies And Their Customers

9. Data Privacy Restricts Access To Data; Data Protection Comprises The Tools And Policies For Doing So

10. Data Protection Is A Security Issue; Data Privacy Is An Ethical And Regulatory Issue

11. Data Privacy Can Involve Customer Input; Data Protection Is A Company’s Responsibility

12. Data Privacy Can’t Exist Without Data Protection (And Both Require Data Classification)

What do you think about these differences? Are you in agreement with these statements? Both of these concepts can become so complex so easily, but these 12 statements help clarify some big misconceptions.

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