Data and Privacy Law

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Maybe its just because we’ve been paying close attention to it but it seems more and more media is paying attention to Data Security Privacy and Ownership.

The IRL Podcast from Mozilla covered the ongoing progress of privacy laws. around the world. providing an overview of what GDPR was intended to do and what impacts it has had so far.

Major American tech companies have become targets of investigations and inquiries under GDPR and have begun clamoring for regulations to be implemented at the National level. A large part of that is likely due to concerns of stronger regulations emerging at the state level. The California Consumer Privacy Act spearheaded by residents in California is likely to be more stringent than any likely from the national level.

As political and legal requirements for data security and privacy ownership grow it will be necessary for innovative companies to provide methods and platforms to allow companies to meet these commitments and consumers to Really Own their Data! ROWND will be the leader of these!