Accuweather Privacy Policy Review

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Accuweather has become a well known weather app that many people use. They have an app and an online presence that has gained traction over the years. Recently, it came to my attention that their privacy policy is less than favorable, though. I decided to take a closer look at the fine print and read their 4000 word privacy policy.

Sharing information with unaffiliated third-party Providers

The first thing that jumped out to me was the heading that states “How do we share this information?”. They state that they “may also disclose information to unaffiliated third-party Providers”. Within this section, they link a lengthy list of these unaffiliated third-party providers which includes Ford, Facebook and Foursquare, just to name a few. They use the excuse that they provide you with “valuable information free of charge” as the reason why they share your information with these companies. 

Creating Confusion

They then go on to say in their FAQs that they don’t sell any user’s personal information to any other company. 

As I was scrolling through their webpages, I came across this “Do Not Sell My Data” function at the bottom of the page. This tells me that they are automatically selling my data without my permission unless I would click this button. I reached out to their support team and they said that “almost everything in the app and on their webpage is opt-in”, but this “Do Not Sell My Data” button clearly is not in line with that statement. 

Misleading and Disappointing

This is a prime example of a company that uses misleading phrases and smoke and mirrors to sell their user’s information for profit. Here at Rownd, we believe that everyone deserves individual data privacy, ownership, and security. We envision a world where anyone can claim and manage any piece of personal data ever collected. Data privacy is not a fad—it is a fundamental human right. 

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