We believe in a future where everyone can truly own their own data. Where the person who creates data decides who or what may access that data. Ownership is the bedrock because until data is considered personal property it is impossible to have privacy and security. You could no more have personal physical privacy and security if you could never own your own belongings or room or home. The same principle applies to data.

Our mission is to accelerate the world toward true Data Ownership.


Like the pamphlets of the American revolution, of the coffeehouses of the enlightenment Data Revolution aims to foment change. We don’t have all the right answers, but we have some good ideas. We have some important questions. We want to hear others’ thoughts too. One thing we’re sure of is the way things are now is not the way things are going to be when we’re done with them.


Data Revolution is a blog where advocates of true individual Data Ownership, Privacy and Security can share their thoughts, ask their questions and advocate for the future we believe in.

Join us!