A Passwordless Future

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Have you ever had your hands full when entering your vehicle, struggling to find your keys and dropping said items, ending up frustrated and still locked out of your car? Now imagine you have keyless entry to your car, hands full, you press the keyless entry button, and *bam* your vehicle opens with little to no effort on your behalf. With a key on your person, your entry is secured and verified with a frictionless experience.


Now let’s put this in the context of privacy. Our passwords, much like our keys, give us entry to the service we are trying to access. Having 15 different passwords for 15 different sites can be frustrating to remember and risky. With passwords floating around, it is much easier for hackers to get a hold of your account. In contrast, passwordless authentication reduces account takeover fraud. As there are no passwords to phish or compromise, the likelihood of being exposed to phishing attacks or account takeover attacks is greatly reduced.

A passwordless approach to authentication, much like keyless entry, will enhance the user experience. Employees and customers can access services without having to remember complex passwords and typing them over. Eliminating password fatigue and management can easily be achieved when consolidating a login experience that has data privacy built into its core.

Password Management

Password management also eats up resources. Going passwordless will help a company reduce the costs associated with password resets and monitoring. By strengthening their security and reducing attack vectors, a company can reduce the risk of falling victim to a data breach, which comes at a high cost.

So, what’s it going to be? Rownd believes in a future without passwords, which are a huge security and support headache. Our revolutionary authentication process automatically accepts identifiers like email addresses and phone numbers, signing users in with secure magic links—no password needed. Ever.

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